Stepping Up To the Challenge    

The COVID-19 virus outbreak has caused unprecedented harm to commerce and industry virtually bringing the world’s economy to a screeching halt.  Short of miracle, most businesses will be in trouble for months to come and many might not survive at all.

In uncertain times like this, people resort to the familiar and return to the basics.  The barter system is the oldest and most basic form of commerce.  I’ve been in the barter industry for 40 years and have seen the economy tighten seriously four times.  During the mortgage crisis of 2006-2008, AOB trade volume nearly doubled and we grew stronger.  Barter always lands on its feet morphing to fit new market dynamics; but structurally, the backbone is what makes it work; the trading partners, the network, the barter dollar, and the accounting system.  That is the matrix that makes barter so powerfully adaptive.   

Now barter is back in the news as business owners look for ways to survive the present crisis.  On March 23rd, FOX Business News featured an interview with Daymond John from Shark Tank.  He urged business owners to barter as much as possible to save cash and help sustain their businesses. 

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, barter will be more valuable than ever.  We are here to help your business stay strong and grow.  Your greatest asset is your expertise and your time.  Trade your excess time and valuable expertise to earn barter dollars.  That keeps the barter system strong and helps you and your trading partners.  We will get through this together and come out even stronger.   

Now, more so than ever, we have a tremendous opportunity to introduce the power of barter to Chicagoland business owners eager to embrace new ways of doing business.  We are revamping our marketing strategy to more fully embrace internet technology to reach potential new members.  As always, we appreciate your referrals. 

Another thing we would like you to consider is your cost for credit card processing.  Cardconnect Cardnet Co. has been a client of ours for 20 years. They provide credit card processing services for AOB as well as for many our members. Cardconnect Cardnet Co. was recently acquired by some of its employees.  One of the employees, Carrie Hero owned a business that traded at AOB for many years.  She has been in credit card processing for a very long time now. Carrie and her staff would like the opportunity to show you how to use barter for terminals and also lower the fee you pay for credit card processing.  I have asked her to reach out to you but you can also reach out to Brain Larson from Card Connect at 847-401-5040.

On a personal note: Last year I was on board the Cruise Ship Grand Princess for two weeks for a Hawaiian vacation.  That is the ship which had all the problems with the virus. My thoughts and prayers go out to all the cruise ships infected with the virus.   

Stay strong, be well, and keep trading.   

Ronald  Szekeres,
President and Founder


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