Barter 101

Buying and Selling

Barter 101: Buying and Selling

100% Trade: All goods and services are to be sold at 100% trade without a cash component. Sales tax, shipping, and gratuities are always cash. Others in our industry permit and even encourage part cash and part trade transactions. It's not fair for a member to sell for half cash half trade and then buy from another member at 100% trade! Cheaters will be reported and locked out of the system. Every member that trades fairly will be provided the opportunity to continue trading.

Prices: Everything is traded at normal retail selling prices.

When Selling...

Everything you offer for trade is to be sold at normal prices for 100% trade except for tax and shipping. Mixing cash and trade is strictly prohibited. It is the seller's responsibility to obtain authorization.

Use your normal invoice or statements and indicate that payment was made 100% AOB trade.

Fill out an AOB Transaction Slip for each sale except when AOB scrip is the method of payment.

Before releasing merchandise to the buyer, you must obtain Authorization from AOB and buyer signature on a Transaction Slip for each barter sale

For authorization, call AOB at 847-214-5656 or email You will need the seller and buyer account numbers and barter amount before seeking authorization.

Write the Authorization number where indicated on the Transaction Slip.

Pre-authorization should be obtained if payment follows the performance of a service.

Pink copy is for the buyer, keep the yellow copy for your records, and return the white original transaction slip to AOB.

If authorization is declined, refer the buyer to AOB.

When Buying...

Always inform the seller that you have been referred by AOB and are interested in a barter purchase before requesting product information or negotiating prices. Authorization to purchase goods cannot be obtained if cash fees are past due.