Barter 101

Rules and Ethics

Barter 101: Rules and Ethics

1. Members will sell goods and services at normal retail prices for 100% AOB trade credits to other Members in good standing. Parts and Materials generally are cash. Taxes, gratuities, and shipping will be paid in cash.

2. To receive credit for transaction the seller must:
a) Obtain an authorization number from AOB for each transaction at the time of sale unless valid scrip is presented.
b) Obtain the buyers signature on an AOB transaction slip and fax or return the white copy to AOB. Retain the yellow for your files and present the pink copy to the buyer.

3. Trade transactions are entered into on a voluntary basis between Members at the sellers discretion. Always identify yourself as an AOB member when inquiring about availability from another member.

4. AOB assumes no responsibility for the quality, timely delivery, warranty, or dispute of any nature between Members with regard to any product or service being traded. Members should exercise the same diligence entering into trade transactions as ordinary cash transactions.

5. AOB functions in a brokerage capacity. Members shall hold AOB harmless with respect to any claim, debt, or liability whatsoever arising out of any trade exchange transaction wherein Member is buyer or seller.

6. Trade transactions are between the buyer and the seller, and any disputes shall be settled by the parties themselves.

7. Member monthly statements sill be considered accurate as printed unless the AOB accounting department is notified in writing of any discrepancy by the 15th of the month.

8. Members are advised that transactions involving Trade Dollars are treated as taxable income for federal, state, and local tax purposes and should seek professional tax advice.

9. AOB Members receive monthly statements by the 5th day of the month for transactions incurred the previous month. Transaction fees are payable by the 15th of the month. If payment is not received by this time, spending privileges may be suspended until payment is received by check, cash, or major credit card. Past due payments are subject to $29.00 late fee plus 2% interest per month (24% APR).

10. AOB may at its option request advance payment of Members transaction fees.

11. If this agreement is canceled there shall be no refund of membership fee or transaction fees.

12. Checks returned for any reason by Member bank are subject to $30.00 cash charge per returned item.

o AOB receives 2 or more complaints about a given Member for either poor performance or abusive pricing.
o Member has committed fraud, either toward other Members or AOB.
o Member is charging part cash and/or not following the contractual agreement with AOB.
o Member is 45 days past due with their outstanding cash fees.
o Direct trading with a Member referred by AOB.
o Re-using scrip. AOB scrip certificates are for one time use only. They may NOT re-used!

If you suspect a member is unreasonably inflating prices, don’t buy from them. If a member unreasonably requests part cash part trade, don’t buy from them. Treat your fellow Trading Partners with the same respect and professionalism you would any other customer. Remember "what goes around, comes around" and it comes around a lot faster in the barter world. In any event, report all abuses of AOB fair trade practices to AOB and the Better Business Bureau. All complaints must be in writing. Email is acceptable.