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Invitation from the President

Ron Szekeres,
President and Founder

An Invitation from AOB President Ron Szekeres

Dear Prospective Trading Partner,

Thank you for your interest in trading with Art of Barter. Though barter is not a new concept, it does require rethinking the way you do business. Everyone should use barter instead of cash whenever possible. Art of Barter brings you new business that you wouldn't have had otherwise. Use the new revenue to offset common cash expenses or buy things you may not have been able to afford before.

Barter is great when used for what it's good at. We'll help you find the best way to apply barter to your business. I invite you to trade with us where your success is our success. We make our money only when you buy. We're in this together!

I've been active in the industry as a client since 1980 and personally handled over $12 million dollars of trading before starting Art of Barter in 1991. My partner, John Hora and I have been responsible for well over $160 million dollars of business since that time. Art of Barter was formed to be the client’s advocate. We are always interested in serving ethical, quality businesses. I hope that you will choose to join us.


Ron Szekeres,